Poem: Roseberry Park

Go around the curve from West Avenue Road.

There it is, that ancient park with breaking

stone walls and statues. Dying on the outside,

but alive within. Lively flowers, trees, and green

grass captures any wondering eyes.


Alexandria lied there in the open field waiting.

We traded whispers by the lake.

Her hair flowing red and those big blue eyes

gazing at me with affection.

Cool breezes touched our skin and

revitalized us with aromas of nearby flowers


At sunset we settled under the giant

magnolia tree. In the darkness exposed by the moon lit

park we would meander and kiss until we found

soft secluded spots fulfilling our urges.


Roseberry Park seemed like a dream the next day.

A wrinkled note in my locker broke me down.

A new love was found.


Sitting in disbelief at that same

open, now rainy, field love dispelled.

Reminded of her love with the last drops of rain

descending down my face

Closing my eyes

Feeling soft and hitting the ground fast to be absorbed into the earth…

Hoping to give life to something new