Poem: Untitled by Alexa

Part 1

Hearing your voice say my

name is how I discovered

myself & though you kissed

me like the only word you

knew is forever, you left me

with memories that won’t; the

animosity of chains we swore

we wouldn’t bind to the wind

have been rusting away at the

promises rainbows can’t keep &

I know I’ll need another whole

lifetime with you, but we are

everything I want

except together

Part 2

I’ve been trying to outrun you,

but I want everything with you

every chance I get & though

I’m always giving you one

last chance, you are every

lost boy in every book I’ve ever

loved. You & I are the flowers

growing out of letters, the sun

crawling out of the moon &

though the night cries more

than it kisses the sunset, I don’t

know how many places there are

to fall asleep, I just know I want

them all to be

with you

Author: Alexa
Social Media: Tumblr