Poem: A Sea Storm

Lied down amongst the oaks turning the next page.

Weathered trees slowly dancing to the wind of all age.

Her skin delicate sun kissed and inviting lips east to west



I slip into an observer watching her right lip seal in a curling west. 

Letting go is beginning to end my withheld sigh and I lay my eyes to rest.

Watching the waves lower tides in my mind.

She gestures her hand forward pleading with a wind.

No longer confined to be around me.

Another desire to float free.

Wondering in the dreams of a morrow.

Letting it distill away the sorrow.

I sought counsel and left with the idea it would be ease.

I find dissonance every page I turn .

These feelings I’ve lost and returned to the seas.

Cutting the last of my raft made of trees.